New Koppenbergcross lap

The famous Koppenbergcross is held over a redesigned lap today near Oudenaarde.

The new lap - previewed above - stays on the south side of the Koppenberg cobbles with a new, long finish straight up on the summit.The result is two relatively long road sections and a much faster, less technical descent and will not to be everyone's - riders and fans - taste. The lap is just as tough and features an additional cobbled climb (the top section of the Koppenberg) but the traditional technical descent seems to be a missing element now.

Conditions on course looked very dry this week so it may take a really competitive race to ensure that fans - denied the classic, twisting muddy descent, get their traditional Koppenbergcross experience, although overall there is probably more descending (and climbing) than previously.

Live feeds

Look out for live feeds later today. The elite women start at 13:45 CET and the men at the traditional time of 15:00 CET.